Accelirate Offers Disruptive ‘RPA on Demand’ Consumption Model

Accelirate, a national diamond partner of UiPath, will be offering a new consumption-based option enabling clients to leverage the power of automation on demand.
Compared to traditional pricing, where a client buys licenses based on their maximum capacity needs, the disruptive new pay-per-minute consumption model eliminates upfront licensing costs so customers pay only for their actual RPA usage – rather than simply their access to the UiPath platform or their potential usage.
Accelirate, recently named a leader among Midsize RPA Services providers in The Forrester Wave (Midsize RPA Services Q1 2021), has worked with clients of varying sizes from a range of different industries. From their experience, some businesses may find RPA tremendously helpful for one-off activities like quarterly or monthly processes, and high-volume events like surges, mergers, acquisitions, and migrations, but wouldn’t find it feasible to commit to year-long bot licenses for processes that don’t run on a daily basis. For other businesses, upfront licensing costs can present a barrier to entry for getting started with RPA – these companies may have one or two use cases in mind but are not yet using automation enough to justify the cost of a full license. With pay-per-minute RPA, these companies can leverage the technology while paying only for the amount of automation they use.
The announcement comes as no surprise to those following industry trends: consumption models have quickly become one of the largest emerging trends in digital transformation, with more pay-per-use models for platforms, functions, and software on the market each year.
“The per-minute model is a solution for those who struggle with committing to a full license with fixed capacity that may not get fully utilized,” said Matt Gallo, CRO of Accelirate. “We are seeing the industry trend moving towards consumption based. The ‘RPA on Demand’ model is really a huge paradigm shift; clients pay per value, giving complete visibility into the cost of RPA.”
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Source: Accelirate Inc.