Accelirate Launches Managed Services for Enterprise Automation

Accelirate Inc. has announced the release of its Enterprise Managed Services offering for Commercial RPA Programs. The service enables organizations to monitor, support, and manage their bot infrastructure through Accelirate’s L1 and L2 Robotic Operations Center (ROC) resources.  
Managed Services packages are available at several different service tiers, depending on the client’s support needs. Offering the option to mix and match levels of L1 and L2 resources (including usability support, triage, troubleshooting, and issue resolution) and monitoring and support hours (8×5 up to 24/7), the organization can create a monitoring and support program with the coverage that best fits their program needs (including offshore and onshore support).
“Whether utilizing an internal Robotic Operations Center or through Enterprise RPA Managed Services, having bots running critical systems without monitoring and maintenance is a recipe for disaster,” said Matt Gallo, Accelirate’s CRO. “Simply put, we always protect any major investment in our lives, whether it be a Network Operations Center, Security Operations Center, or in this case, utilizing a Robotic Operations Center to protect the time and cost associated with building a digital workforce.” 
Each Managed Services package includes dedicated resource support hours and automation incident fixes, based on the package tier. These also include, based on the client’s need, automation support incidents, process enhancements, and both custom and out of the box automation dashboards. With up to six standard dashboards delivered by Accelirate’s ROC, clients have a real-time view of critical metrics like license utilization, business and technical exceptions, run schedules, work volumes, and average processing times.
Recognizing the rapid growth of citizen development and attended automations, Accelirate’s Managed Services also offers the option to add end-user support. The end-user support add-on includes call or chat options during automation monitoring hours, so clients can speak with trained automation developers about citizen-developed bots and ask questions about the developer tools during the building process. 
Enterprises interested in the program can connect with Accelirate’s Automation and ROC experts at or download the Managed Services Brochure to learn more. 
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ABOUT ACCELIRATE – Accelirate Inc. is the largest niche RPA services provider in the United States. Their mission is to help companies accelerate automation using Robotic Process Automation and AI Technologies such as Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Smart OCR. With a focus solely on process automation, they offer a comprehensive set of Implementation Services and Custom Automation Products for Enterprises at all stages of RPA and AI adoption.
Source: Accelirate, Inc.