Accelerating Young Minds, Inc. Announces Sponsorship of “Carlee’s World, Thriving with Autism”

Snoqualmie, WA — Accelerating Young Minds, Inc. (AYM) today announced the sponsorship and launch of a vlog created by Carlee, a young teenager from the Midwest who has autism. The vlog is written by and spoken by Carlee about her life experiences, her expectations, her struggles, her successes and even her advice about coping to others on the Spectrum (or their parents). In addition, Carlee also plans to provide her reviews of the AYM e-learning activities developed for use with children on the Spectrum. Carlee’s blog is available on the Accelerating Young Minds website.

Accelerating Young Minds (AYM) is a developer of scientifically-based online early learning programs. As such, AYM has also studied and formulated programs to address learning needs for children with Autism, ADHD, and dyslexia, which led to the release of its e-learning program for children with Autism. Carlee’s first comment after playing a few AYM activities was, “The programs seem to be delightful for kids with Autism.”

The curriculum of AYM programs not only develops basic skills that are necessary for children in general education, but they are even more important for children with special needs. While the AYM programs are deep in content, they are also delivered in a rich multimedia format that is highly effective for all children, especially those in special education classes. Computer-based cognitive training has been scientifically shown to help develop attention, memory, language and executive function. Gains made using cognitive training programs have also been shown to be widespread and long-lasting.

“AYM developed its programs for children in all circumstances—whether they are high-achievers, non-English speakers, children with special needs or children who are behind in one area or another. Carlee is proving that all children can achieve. That’s why we are honored to be the sponsor of Carlee’s World, Thriving with Autism. It is our hope that Carlee’s descriptions of her everyday world will be an inspiration to other children and also help those who have children on the Spectrum to truly glimpse the world in which their children live every day,” said Gary Andersen, Founder and President of AYM.

For more information about AYM programs or to read Carlee’s blog, please visit the Accelerating Young Minds website.