Academy of Court-Appointed Masters Opens Membership to Help People Become Special Masters

The Academy of Court-Appointed Masters (ACAM) announced that it is taking its first steps to implement the program it recently announced to broaden the special master profession, the Academy’s benefits to its members and the assistance special masters provide to the administration of justice.   
In addition to honoring individuals experienced with the special master profession as Fellows of the Academy, ACAM is:
ACAM also announced that Hon. Jeremy Fogel, retired Federal District Court Judge and the immediate past Director of the Federal Judicial Center, will be working with ACAM’s Training and Mentorship Committee both to develop ACAM’s new training program and to be one of the trainers.
New ACAM President David Tenner announced, “We are thrilled both to open our membership to a richly diverse core of professionals and honored to have Judge Fogel help us create training for this new generation. Judge Fogel is renowned for his work at the FJC developing training programs for judges and the profession will benefit enormously from his expertise and experience.”
ACAM Executive Director Merril Hirsh added, “People interested in joining ACAM can sign up now at ACAM’s website and we will notifying people of training as soon as it is scheduled. We are looking forward to welcoming new members.”
People interested in learning more about ACAM and its plans can contact Mr. Hirsh at, (202) 448-9020.
Contact:  Merril Hirsh; (202) 448-9020
Source: Academy of Court-Appointed Masters