AC InfoSoft Launched Mobile SIP Dialer

AC InfoSoft has announced the launch of a mobile SIP dialer. It is a SIP Softphone app for Android and iOS phones. The company will offer a white label mobile SIP dialer app to its customers.

As per the shared details, the company will offer this mobile SIP dialer, also known as a VoIP mobile dialer, the app to the VoIP service providers as they can gain maximum benefit from this offering. As the company announced to offer a white label solution, the expert team of VoIP development and mobile application development will provide the branded solution to the customers. Below is the list of services which are offered by the experts of AC InfoSoft to its customers:

• Mobile SIP dialer app development for iOS and Android smartphones
• Personalization to meet the business brand of the company
• Brand elements configuration to represent the business brand of the company
• Integration with the VoIP Softswitch, IP PBX system, VoIP billing solution, etc.
• Custom feature development
• App store listing and app store optimization
• Support and maintenance

As per the shared details, the company offers personalized VoIP mobile dialer app to the service providers. The VoIP service providers can use this mobile SIP Softphone to cater to their customers with paid or unpaid models.

To provide more information about this app and how the vendors aka VoIP service providers and customers aka end-users can get benefited from this launched SIP dialer app for smartphone users, the company has launched a webpage. The webpage is displayed under the product category in the VoIP menu section on the website. This webpage is written in English to give complete information about this offered product. The webpage also displays the list of features offered to the VoIP service providers and the end-users aka customers.

According to the shared details, this mobile SIP dialer app is compatible with all types of codecs and can work well with different types of internet connections. The app can provide a seamless communication tool that will be available at the fingertips of the users.

“We have developed one of the most advanced mobile SIP dialer applications which we have launched as one of the products that we will offer to our customers. This application is robust and compatible with different tools. Our customers, who are most likely to be the existing VoIP service providers or those who want to become a VoIP service provider, can get this app within the least time and they can offer the same to their customers. Our customers do not need to worry about any technical aspects as everything will be catered by our team of expert mobile app and VoIP developers”, shared spokesperson of the company.

About AC InfoSoft
It is a VoIP company based in India. The company offers the best in the industry VoIP development services in Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, WebRTC, OpenSIPs, and Kamailio technologies. The company has launched its first products for the VoIP service providers which is a mobile SIP dialer. It is a mobile app which uses the SIP protocols to generate and conduct a call. To know more about this app offered by AC InfoSoft, please visit