AC InfoSoft Launched Hosted Call Center Solution

AC InfoSoft, a leading VoIP company, launched a hosted call center solution. The company will follow SaaS (Software as a Service) model to let its customers use the complete contact center solution at a monthly or annual fee-based subscription model.

The company has announced that it is a complete contact center solution, which supports omnichannel communication. It means the company will offer an omnichannel call center solution to its customers, which will support the following unified communication channels:

• Voice calls
• Video calls
• Screen share
• Live chat
• WhatsApp
• Email
• Fax

AC InfoSoft announced that this hosted call center solution is built to meet various business communication needs of different companies around the world. Thus, this software has incorporated different features and characteristics to meet global telephony regulations. The launched hosted call center solution, therefore, has the following offerings for its global customers:

• Inbuilt Telco connectivity
• Support PRI lines
• Support SIP lines
• Support toll-free and DID numbers
• Support PSTN numbers

The company announced that this is a complete contact center suite. Thus, along with an advanced call center solution, AC InfoSoft also offers the following:

• Inbuilt standard CRM solution
• Mobile dialer app to use agent panel from smartphones

AC InfoSoft further announced additional offerings available to the users of this hosted call center solution, which are recited hereunder:

• Mapping of an existing business number to the call center solution
• All advanced and standard features of the most advanced call center software
• 99.95% service-level agreement
• High availability and failover support
• Unlimited calling
• High security
• Cloud call center solution
• Remote work add-on
• Multiple reports
• And more

According to the shared details, AC InfoSoft is going to cater to all different industry verticals with this hosted call center solution. Moreover, to make this call center software as a service model more cost-effective, the company has not imposed any restriction on the minimum agent seats to be bought. Moreover, there is no enforcement of long-term commitment and contracts. The customers of AC InfoSoft can use this software for as long as they want by paying monthly or annual fees.

AC InfoSoft announced that the customers of the company will receive the following services:

• Installation and configuration of the software
• Training to use admin and agent panels
• On-demand services
• Software hosting and maintenance

About AC InfoSoft
It is a leading VoIP company. It has been offering development, customization, and support services in different VoIP technologies for many years. The company also offers the same services for various open-source VoIP solutions. Moreover, AC InfoSoft has been catering to its clients with its perpetual call center solutions, mobile SIP Dialer, and other software. It has now launched a hosted call center solution to benefit businesses with access to the software at affordable rates. Visit its official webpage for more details.