AC InfoSoft Announced to Offer Integration Services for VICIDial

On this occasion, AC InfoSoft announced the launch of new services for VICIDial users. The company will offer integration services in addition to all other VICIDial customization services offered by VICIDial experts of AC InfoSoft.

The company has been catering to global call centers, organizations, enterprises, and businesses with VICIDial customization and many other related services such as:

• VICIDial installation
• VICIDial setup and configuration
• VICIDial support and maintenance
• VICIDial custom module development

AC InfoSoft has now added one more service in its bouquet of offerings related to VICIDial, which is an open source call center solution.

The company announced that its VICIDial experts will integrate any third-party API in this call center software. AC InfoSoft will offer integration of any open source or proprietary software or API with VICIDial.

According to the shared details, integration of different solutions with VICIDial can help businesses using this software in multiple ways. Some of the benefits shared by the company are as below:

• Increased functionalities
• Better performance
• Harnessed operations
• Increased productivity
• Saved time
• Saved efforts
• Saved money and
• Increased business

The company announced various common integrations that can benefit VICIDial users, which are briefed below:


AC InfoSoft announced to offer integration of different VICIDial solutions with a VICIDial call center solution such as:

• Zoho
• vTiger
• SugarCRM
• SuiteCRM
• Salesforce
• And more


According to the shared details, AC InfoSoft will offer VICIDial WhatsApp integration to its customer. This integration will provide a value added communication channel of the WhatsApp web into VICIDial. The users can take advantage of all features available to the WhatsApp web users.


VICIDial experts of AC InfoSoft will also integrate SMS APIs in this open source call center solution. SMS API integration is useful to the organizations that need SMS as a mode of communication along with audio calling such as banks and other Fintech organizations.

AC InfoSoft shared to offer email API integration into the VICIDial call center solution to provide email as a mode of communication to the VICIDial users. It is useful to the companies that need to exchange manuals, documents, presentations, and other similar papers to the customers.

Social Media:
According to the shared details, the company will also offer integration of different social media platforms into VICIDial. The company has expertise in integrating major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Thus, it will offer integration services to integrate these major social media platforms with VICIDial.

About AC InfoSoft
It is a leading VoIP company. It offers various solutions and services in different VoIP technologies. The company also has developed proprietary software to benefit its customers with best-in-the-industry VoIP products. It, further, offers services in various open-source VoIP solutions. VICIDial is one of the open-source solutions AC InfoSoft has specialization in. The company offers various services for this software in addition to that the company will offer integration services. Visit the official webpage of AC InfoSoft for more details.