Abel Ndambasha’s ‘Two Continents and One Island’ Is a Man’s Unique Life Journey Showing His Desire to Be a Faithful Instrument of God

Fulton Books author Abel Ndambasha, an active member in several Engineering professional organizations, has completed his most recent book “Two Continents and One Island”:  an inspirational life story about an African man with humble beginnings who found God’s goodness that drew him to a successful engineering career. He also shares how his Christian faith molded him to become a man of conviction and character in a world filled with diverse social perspectives.
Abel writes, “Two Continents and One Island conveys a physical representation to the metaphorical, mental, and spiritual journey of growth undertaken by the protagonist through life’s unknowns. It chronicles the author’s life story, starting in Zambia, Africa, where he was born and raised, through Cuba, where he attended postsecondary education, to North America, where he ultimately established his professional life. It makes for an intriguing life story of perseverance and opportunity interspersed with failures and successes, sorrows and laughter, ups and downs, but above all God’s direction at every turn. The interweaving of religion and morality, recurring as a predominant theme, is well presented through the author’s unique experiences in three unique environments.
The story is not merely a series of facts about the protagonist’s life, but it also fluidly manages to reflect the author’s views on religion, politics, and social themes from both the perspectives of being a devout Christian and a vulnerable young man on a sojourn to distant lands while surrounded by temptations, which are usually quite different. Yet he manages to reconcile these viewpoints very nicely and shows how a ‘black and white’ view on morals and the world can become grayer and still retain its righteous character. This blend between spirituality, carnal desires masquerading as temptations of a young man and his unique perspective on politics in a time of extreme political upheaval makes for the most fascinating storyline in the book.
While the author is quick to point out that this is not a story about the rise from poverty to riches, he lays out an interesting perspective of how Providence orchestrated his life and miraculously opened doors at every step of the way with the help of what he commonly refers to as human angels. In the end, he reminds us that, all things considered, success, no matter how it is defined, is uniquely about tenacity and will.
The memoir covers an array of universal experiences, such as growth, spirituality, culture, and politics. It is a well-written and fascinating book as it provides a unique perspective on such difficult times in the author’s history and journey. Additionally, it paints an interesting viewpoint likely to capture the attention and enjoyment of those who may not have shared the journey and origins. Whether it is the reader wishing to explore life’s paradoxes in the diaspora or the immigrant who may draw upon the common experience or perhaps the curious reader wishing to explore the intricacies of a closed socialist system, everyone will find the story relatable and easier to share in the experience of the protagonist.”
Published by Fulton Books, Abel Ndambasha’s book is a relevant account where a Christian conveys his views on religion, politics, and social intricacies to reflect on. This book also allows readers to recognize that God always provides opportunities for success, to better themselves, and to serve Him in a greater capacity.
Readers who wish to experience this enlightening work can purchase “Two Continents and One Island” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.
Source: Fulton Books