ABEARL Launches 5kWh Portable Power Station With the Highest Energy Density

High-tech company OUKITEL unveils a new brand, ABEARL, which aims to deliver safer, faster, and more sustainable power supply solutions to make life easier and better. 
ABEARL’s first product to be launched on Kickstarter
ABEARL continuously puts great effort into portable power supplies, solar technologies, and smart home backup power systems. And their ultimate goal is to provide a sustainable green power solution for individuals and make efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Its inaugural product P5000 portable power station is the world’s first 5kWh device with the highest energy density, which will be launched on Kickstarter on Jan. 6, 2023.
Compared to mainstream power stations with 5kWh capacity, the P5000 is 63% lighter in weight. The ABEARL dynamic battery R&D team took four years to achieve a breakthrough in increasing the energy density of LiFePO4 batteries and raising the safety level at the same time. “All batteries have passed through a series of rigorous tests, like drop tests, extreme high & low-temperature tests, and charging cycle tests, etc. Basic industrial standards are not what we want; we have to make sure the P5000 is the safest power station ever,” said Ricky Johnson, R&D director from ABEARL.
Reasons to choose the ABEARL P5000
The ABEARL P5000 portable power station includes many of the features people would expect: massive capacity, large output power, versatile output ports, and fast charging. The P5000 adopts LiFePO4 batteries, which boast 3500 life cycles, much higher than the industry average of 500 life cycles. Advanced BMS system is installed to improve safety and charging efficiency. And it supports three recharging options, including the ability to support input from wall outlets, solar, or car. The built-in UPS mode guarantees a switch from the grid to the battery in under 10ms, safe to use with computers, appliances, or CPAP machines. Given the hefty power it offers, the P5000 is super lightweight (112.4 lbs). Its suitcase design makes transport even easier. All these features make it an ideal power station for outdoor enthusiasts or in emergencies like a power outage.
Never lose power again
Whether going off the grid or preparing for an emergency, the ABEARL P5000 portable power station can keep electronic gear, such as a laptop or CPAP machine, running for days at a time. ABEARL reveals that the launch date for the P5000 power station is Jan. 6, 2023, on Kickstarter. 
ABEARL is committed to creating a more eco-friendly and sustainable future by offering safe, high-energy-efficient, and long-lasting energy storage and green energy-generating solutions for indoor and outdoor use. By adopting premium materials and innovative solar charging technologies, ABEARL strives to deliver a more energy-efficient and versatile backup power supply system while reducing carbon footprints.
For more information, please visit ABEARL online at https://www.abearlpower.com/.