Aasim Saied is Revolutionizing the Education Industry With Projector Tablet Technology

Successful entrepreneur, futurist, global speaker, and the CEO of Akyumen Industries, is revolutionizing the education industry with NanoTech powered projector tablet technology. The budget-friendly, hi-tech smartphones and tablets can project the contents of the screen on any flat surface and enable educators to deliver engaging lectures in remote areas.
The 5G smartphones and tablets are equipped with several groundbreaking features, including nanotechnology, which offers high-speed connectivity and enhances its capabilities. Media Tek Power enables seamless multitasking, streaming and gaming for longer periods. The phone and tablets also feature a powerful battery and nano-heat dissipation technology that allow it to perform immaculately when running heavy applications. Both the Hawk and Falcon series of Akyumen devices feature Phone-jector, a powerful hand-held projector that can project video on a flat surface. The phone also features a built-in crypto wallet, a panorama (up to 63MP) camera, Akyumen apps and more.
“We make smartphones with built-in projector technology; you can literally have a theater in the palm of your hands. Click a button and project movies, tv shows, lectures. So you can change the way we entertain, we educate and we do business.” – Aasim Saied, CEO Akyumen Industries.
Aasim Saied has been a board member of several successful startups and now, through Akyumen, he hopes to revolutionize the way we educate. Recently, Akyumen industries went into partnership with Gary, Indiana, to produce the devices in the city. Aasim will also move his company’s headquarters to the city, a move that will create roughly 2000 new jobs. Akyumen’s plant in Gary is expected to become fully operational within two years.
To learn more about how Aasim is revolutionizing the education industry, visit Akyumen Industries’ website.
Aasim Saied, Founder and CEO, Akyumen Industries.
Website: www.akyumen.com
Source: Akyumen Industries