AAA Clock Deluxe Edition With Squid Game Inspired Clock Design for Nintendo Switch is a New Hit in USA and Europe

RedDeerGames has just released in America and Europe three add-ons for an extremely popular clock app: Squid Clock, Cyber Clock, and Spin Clock.

AAA Clock was released in October. It turns the Nintendo Switch™ console into a stylish, modern watch. AAA Clock also includes a fun retro game, as does Nintendo’s iconic Game & Watch gadget. 
New designs
New clock faces were designed by talented artists associated with RedDeerGames, an award-winning global gaming company that focuses on developing and publishing unique premium indie games.
HD Clock with full support for OLED technology also supports full customization – players can turn on any color or enable color-sensing mode for Nintendo Switch joy-con™ controllers. 
AAA Clock Deluxe Edition
There is also AAA Clock Deluxe Edition available. It allows gamers to check up to two skins: a basic flip clock and Squid Clock.
To help Nintendo fans count down to midnight on December 31, 2021, the AAA Clock Deluxe Edition is available at a discounted price of 1.99 $ / €.
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