A1 Medical Imaging Commends Recent Research Confirming MRI Effectiveness in Detecting Early Recurrent Breast Cancer

A1 Medical Imaging’s Chief Operating Officer, Marilyn Radakovic, RN, applauded recent research that indicates magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is effective in detecting interval breast cancers in women with a prior history of the disease.
The research that was published June 8, 2021, in the Radiology journal concluded that breast MRI has been shown to improve the early detection of recurrent breast cancers that may be missed by mammography.
The study took place between January 2008 and March 2019 and involved 2,809 women with a median age of 47 years who had undergone surgery because of breast cancer. In all, 6,603 MRI examinations were conducted.
“According to the report, the purpose of the research was to evaluate the screening of breast MRI in women with a personal history of breast cancer who might be at more risk for what’s known as interval breast cancers or IBC,” Radakovic stated. “IBC is the cancer detected after a normal screening mammogram, but before the next scheduled mammogram.”
Mammograms are low-dose X-rays of the breast. Regular mammograms are recommended to find breast cancer early, when treatment is most successful. However, mammograms may not be the best option for women who are at high risk.
A breast MRI is a noninvasive technology that uses strong magnets instead of radiation to make very detailed, cross-sectional pictures of the breast. It is much more sensitive than mammography and can find invasive breast cancers sooner than mammograms. It can also rule out abnormalities that appear suspicious on a mammogram.
Peter Solodko, A1 Medical Imaging’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “This research indicates that breast MRIs can detect early stages of cancer better than mammography in women with a past history of breast cancer.”
Radakovic added, “This research confirms the effectiveness of breast MRIs and provides encouraging hope for women who are at high risk of recurring cancer.”
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