A1 Medical Imaging Adds Telemedicine and Payment/Patient Portal to Its Website

Under the guidance of CEO Peter Solodko, A1 Medical Imaging, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) company with centers in Florida and Georgia, has added the ability for patients to consult with an independent physician online, plus make payments and access their A1 Medical Imaging records directly from its website.
“Our website is already a useful tool for visitors,” Peter Solodko said. “From the time the website launched, physicians, lawyers and patients have been able to learn more about us and our medical imaging centers. For example, patients can select the clinic nearest them, request an appointment, learn how to prepare for the procedure, and understand what to expect during the actual session. Now, they can also meet with a physician virtually, get a script, make payments, and access their A1 Medical Imaging records all in one place.”
Before a medical imaging appointment can be made, all patients must have a script from a physician that authorizes a procedure to be done. Sometimes patients ask to schedule an appointment but do not have a script. With the addition of the telemedicine feature, patients without scripts will be asked if they would like to schedule a virtual consultation with a third-party physician. If they do, they will be contacted to schedule the session.
The online payment/patient portal allows outstanding balances to be paid and A1 Medical Imaging records to be accessed easily and securely.
“We have always been proud of our ability to provide same-day, evening, and weekend scheduling, and to deliver physician reports within 24 hours,” Solodko stated. “Adding the telemedicine and portal features to our website further demonstrates our commitment to providing the best possible medical diagnostic imaging experience.”
To learn more about A1 Medical Imaging and all it has to offer, visit www.A1mri.com.
About A1 Medical Imaging
A1 Medical Imaging has become a model of excellence in the diagnostic industry. From its home office in downtown Sarasota, Florida, the company maintains primary in-house functions of administration, human resources, transcription, finance, insurance contracting, information systems and technology, billing and collections, and medical technology. Utilizing “state-of-the-art” computer technology, A1 Medical Imaging can monitor the overall performance and operation of each center from its one central location, successfully ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficiency throughout the company.
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