A Sri Lankan Street Food, up for a Dazzling Opening in Croydon this December

The menu of K+K Street food is largely drawn from the local street food of Sri Lanka, giving an authentic taste and elating experience unique to the country. In their words it can be aptly put as “A melting pot of Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Hindu cultures infused with local and British, Portuguese and Dutch influences, Sri Lanka is a warm and welcoming country. We love to entertain people, to open our homes and share our food, and to celebrate life. You’ll find an enthusiastic and lively bunch waiting to welcome you at K+K”.

The main dishes of K+K Street Food include Kothu Roti (shredded strewn bread with fresh vegetables or meat variant), Pol Roti (a coconut grated, and flour made rustic dough), Idiyappam (rice- flour noodles), along with Banana Leaf Meals. K+K Toddy Bar section is an inspiration from the popular toddy bars scattered across Sri Lankan coastal villages, our Toddy Bar tempts you with cocktails made from Ceylon arrack, a distilled alcohol made from the fermented sap of coconut flowers which goes well with our delicious selection of short eats or bites.

K+K Street Food space is inspired from the traditional Sri Lankan street food and toddy bars mingling it with the elements of Sri Lankan culture and art, aiming the customers to have them being transported to the wonderful pearl island. The interiors are designed by The Yard Creative where the style is inspired and some of the materials are sourced from traditional Sri Lankan artists and suppliers.

K+K Street Food chef and the team are excited to share these Sri Lankan street food and drinks to the food lovers of London from the Second week of December at the Boxpark Croydon location!

Location: Boxpark Croydon, Unit 34-45, 99 George St, Croydon CR0 1LD

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Vigneswaran Rajagopal
Marketing Director
+44 (0) 7855540671

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