A Robsten Story S4 Ep. 12

A Robsten Story S4 Ep. 12 *next week; With Ashley and Jack- at their house* Jack- *in the office, looking at all the bills on the table, sighs in frustration* Ash- *just put Jewel down, walking down the hallway. Sees Jack upset* What’s wrong? *walks to the side of him* Jack- We have a lot of money we need to pay. Ash- How much? Jack- Thousands. Ash- *eyes widen* But I thought we had a handful in the bank? Jack- We’ve been using it for the past bills that were behind. Ash- *massages his neck* Why don’t you take a little break? You’re stressing yourself out. Jack- Ashley, taking a break isn’t going to pay the bills! Ash- Maybe we can think of some ways to raise some money. Jack- Nothing is going to give us enough money, unless it’s a job. And I’m not taking another job! Ash- *stops massaging his neck* Are you blaming me as the reason why we don’t have money?! Well I’m sorry!!! I guess I’ve just been a little busy taking care of our child! *mad, leaves the room* Jack- God Damn it! *slaps his hand against the desk, gets up and walks out the room.* Ash- *sitting in the living room* Jack- *enters the living room* You know I didn’t mean it like that! I’m just saying its hard for me to be the only person making money. Ash- It’s not I don’t want to help out, Jack! And if I was going to get a job, Jewel would need to be in daycare. But we both know if we did that more money would go out. Jack- I know. I’m sorry I’m taking it out on you. It just so frustrating how months ago we didn

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