A New Era: Accusonus Announces ERA 5.2, Adding Mouth De-Clicking, Big Sur Compatibility, and More

Accusonus announces ERA 5.2, the latest addition to their audio repair repertoire. By further improving the range of tools the ERA bundle has to offer, new and existing users alike can now edit, clean and polish their audio, in a way that is quicker and more efficient than ever before.
The primary addition is Mouth De-Clicker. Mouth noises, such as lip smacks, saliva crackle and mouth clicks, are the bane of audio editing – they take a long time to manually remove, often require reshoots, and can necessitate expensive hardware upgrades. With Mouth De-Clicker, these are things of the past; the plugin swiftly highlights all unwanted sounds in a track, allowing the user to remove them at ease. A once laborious task, now transformed into a speedy step on the path to better content quality. 
“One mouse click, zero mouth clicks.” – Stelios Bournous, Product Manager, ERA 
Alongside Mouth De-Clicker, 5.2 brings partial compatibility to Final Cut Pro on Big Sur. Currently limited to Intel processors, this update allows most ERA plugins to function on the platform – more information, here. The update also adds presets to the Audio Clean-Up Assistant, providing new options for those wanting to fully optimize their editing workflow. 
These aspects of the ERA bundle follow in the footsteps of previous innovations; subscribers gain access to existing tools for leveling and AutoEQing their audio, as well as for removing noise, plosives, esses, clipping and reverb. Furthermore, Accusonus offers a huge collection of hand-picked sound effects (SFX Cellar) and royalty-free music tracks (Music Cellar). 
To learn more about the Accusonus’ ERA Bundle, please visit :
[1] : https://accusonus.com/products/audio-repair/era-bundle-standard
ERA 5.2 Press Kit 
[1] Click here to download graphics for publication
Mouth De-Clicker Video (youtube)
[1] : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sAD1qZnN88
About Accusonus
We are a team of engineers, musicians and audio experts who believe that sound design and audio repair should be fast, simple, and accessible to everyone. We believe that computers are ideal tools for creating, inspiring the content creators of the future. That’s why we developed our own patented Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology in order to enable previously unimaginable sound processing workflows. Accusonus is based in Massachusetts (USA) and in Athens/Patras Greece. For more information, please visit www.accusonus.com.
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