A New App That Helps You Find Places to Eat Quickly & Easily, YouPick!

Dining drama is over thanks to the revolutionary YouPick App by cyber think tank G&M Investments Worldwide. The YouPick App makes choosing a restaurant simple by narrowing down the search in the user’s geographic area, or the area between the user and their friends. The app makes it fun by finding dining choices that may never come upon any other search platform.
“We’ve all had this conversation:
“‘You pick.’
“‘No. You pick.’
“And by the time someone does pick, you’re hungry, angry, and end up settling on a restaurant you would never have chosen otherwise. Bad dates. Bad food. Wasted time and money. YouPick takes all that off the table,” says G&M Investments CEO Glenn Wilkinson.
Glenn says YouPick will schedule meet-ups with friends and dinner dates right on the app, sending invitations to as many friends as you like. Using the geographic area of those on your list, YouPick gives multiple restaurant suggestions based on location and cuisine type. A few swipes and a click is all it takes to choose a dining destination. Once your friends have confirmed, your event is immediately scheduled in the app. 
“YouPick takes the back and forth of where to eat out of the equation in a fun and interesting way. Most times, you’ll find a restaurant you didn’t know existed and it may even become a favorite go-to for you and your friends,” Glenn says.
YouPick even allows users to recommend restaurants found on the app to others by uploading photographs from the dining experience and sharing them across the platform. Users can even rate restaurants and give reviews to help others find the perfect establishment for any occasion. 
YouPick is especially helpful for those traveling or new to an area as it provides more and better information than other apps or a “restaurants near me” Google search. “I use it every time I travel,” Glenn says. “It’s one of the reasons we created YouPick.”
The other is relationships. With no pressure and no blame, you can enjoy the party without regret.
“If you’re constantly torn on where to meet up or just looking for suggestions to grab a bite in your neighborhood, YouPick makes it simple and stress free. We never do dinner without it.”
YouPick is available for both Android and iOS.
iOS:  https://apps.apple.com/us/app/youpick/id1537616399
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.youpic
Source: G&M Investments Worldwide, LLC.