‘A Journey from Fat to Flat’ — A Revealing New Book by A’Cora Berry About Overcoming Sexual Abuse and Obesity

Author, filmmaker and entrepreneur A’Cora Berry says she remembers enduring many cruel blows in her 39 years. The murder of her father when she was 5, sexual abuse at 7, and a horrific traffic accident that left her husband a quadriplegic when she was 34. And through most of her life, there was another foe — food. In her latest book, “A Journey from Fat to Flat” — my story of overcoming childhood sexual abuse and struggling with being overweight, A’Cora shares her secrets for losing weight and getting fit for life.
For A’Cora, founder of MacBe Entertainment specializing in producing films that inspire people and propel acting careers, “A Journey from Fat to Flat” begins while driving with her husband to visit family members. “I was in my early 30s and just casually mentioned wanting to be fit by 50,” she remembers. “Well, my husband expressed some skepticism and wondered why I wasn’t interested in getting healthy sooner — like now? That was something I really wasn’t prepared to hear, but it was exactly what I needed to hear.”
So, A’Cora made the commitment to start transforming her life. “We have two daughters, Mackenzie and Bella, and the thought of not being around for them was all of the motivation I needed,” she said. “I started slowly by giving up two of my favs — chocolate and flavored coffee creamer. In fact, my husband used to tease me about having a little coffee with my creamer.”
In addition to eliminating a number of offending foods and sweets, she also embraced a vegetarian lifestyle along with exercise, including weight training. “And instead of starting way too fast and burning out a few days later, I took my time. I ate in moderation and kept track of everything. It took about four years to reach my goal weight. And because my program is based on lasting lifestyle changes and moderation, I’ve been able to keep it off.”
Today, 11 years before her 50th birthday, she’s the picture of health at an ideal weight. “I have tons of energy for my daughters, and my husband is so proud of me,” says A’Cora, who recently become a United States citizen as well as completing a screenplay.
“Fat to Flat” is filled with practical techniques she personally used to lose weight, including meditation. “I’m still thrilled every time I look down and its flat,” she laughs. “The days of covering up are over. Above all, I never forget that adversity will not define me. I came to this world to fulfill my purpose.”
And that also means helping others lose weight and be healthy. To get a copy of A’Cora’s “A Journey from Fat to Flat” — my story of overcoming childhood sexual abuse and struggling with being overweight, which also includes a progress chart, go to acoraberry.com or amazon.com.
Source: A'Cora Berry