A. Hoffman Awning Co. Launches 100% Employee Vaccination Pledge

In an effort to further the country’s vaccine participation and acceptance, A. Hoffman Awning Co. has launched its 100% Employee Vaccination Pledge. The goal of the program is to promote taking the vaccine and to emphasize the importance of each individual’s role in the world fight against COVID-19.
“If our company can leave a thumbprint on this huge state, country, and worldwide fight, we feel we have fulfilled our civic duty,” says Donna Hoffman, CEO. A. Hoffman Awning Co. is a Baltimore-based manufacturer of residential and commercial awnings. The company presently has 34 employees pledging to take the COVID-19 vaccine.
The pledge states the following:
I pledge:
Ben Youngs – VP – Marketing-Graphic Design
Email: Ben@ahoffmanawning.com
URL: https://ahoffmanawning.com/
Source: A. Hoffman Awning Co.