A Canadian 4th

As an American one of our highlights of the year is the 4th of July where we basically go out and watch fireworks and celebrate our country. This year it felt really weird because I went up to Canada but still celebrated. On 4th of July itself we were on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls (able to see the USA) and watched the show. Though you can’t hear it on the video there were actually a bunch of other Americans there as well signing the Star Spangled Banner and America The Beautiful and other songs 🙂 My mini vacation actually started Friday July 1st at night as I landed in Toronto in the middle of Canada’s Independence Day. That was really cool as I must have seen 100 different locations over the city where fireworks were getting set off from. While I was in Canada I stayed at YouTuber YouTube.com ‘s house as she pretty much put all the events you see together. On Saturday we headed to the Ontario Science Center which I had been wanting to visit ever since the 888 YouTube Gathering I missed. It was a pretty awesome museum, way better then the science museum in Raleigh! At the Science Center we also met up with YouTuber YouTube.com whom which I promptly recruited into the YouTube Orbit lol. After the science museum the Flores Family (Craig, Calvin, and Tammy) and I headed downtown Toronto. We first drove through Dundas Square, then hit up the Jazz Festival, and finally ended the day at the “Italian” Festival (I use quotes because it was hardly any Italian and lots of

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