A Brief Paws Pet Podcast Releases New Episode on Freeze Dry Pet Taxidermy

A Brief Paws, the pet podcast produced by professional groomer Ani Corless, launched a new episode this week covering the new phenomena known as freeze-dry taxidermy. The episode features Shane Eddy, a professional taxidermist from Wildlife Studios in Slater, Missouri, that specializes in this method and serves customers nationwide. “Freeze-drying is … basically removing the moisture from an object, in this case, an animal,” says Eddy. “We’ve just taken this process and put it into a taxidermy application. It works very well for small animals.” Besides covering the basics of both traditional taxidermy and freeze-dry taxidermy, the conversation covers why people prefer the freeze-dry method. Among other reasons, people get more of their pet preserved when compared to traditional methods that typically remove all the internal parts of the pet. Corless digs into some interesting questions, such as the typical demographic that is preserving their pets, the costs of preservation, and how typical customers get their pets to the facility from around the country. The service is not cheap; prices for preservation start at $900 and go up from there into the thousands of dollars for large dogs. Eddy says that about a quarter of the work they do is dogs, and the process can take nearly one year.
A Brief Paws is the latest project from Ms. Corless, who has been working with dogs for over two decades and is the owner of the Luxury Groomer, a dog health and grooming company based in New York City. The first season of A Brief Paws, which debuted in April of 2021, featured 10 episodes on a wide variety of pet-related topics, including virtual pet training, flea and tick preventatives, and minority representation in the pet industry. Each episode spotlights a relevant guest or specialist on the topic and provides insights for pet owners and industry professionals alike.
The latest episode, which is episode 14, is titled “Freeze Dry Fluffy? Taxidermy, the Latest Techniques in Pet Preservation” and will be available on all major streaming platforms and in a video version on the A Brief Paws YouTube channel. For more information or to download or subscribe to episodes, please visit https://anchor.fm/abriefpaws.
About A Brief Paws:
A Brief Paws is a podcast series that takes a moment to talk with special guests about a wide variety of topics in the pet industry. Topics covered include health and wellness, training, rescue, and even the newest fashion trends and products. Hosted by Ani Corless, Founder of New York City pet grooming company Luxury Groomer. For more information please visit https://anchor.fm/abriefpaws – abriefpaws@gmail.com
Source: A Brief Paws