A big answer to the security threats – Epixel MLM software upgraded with new security features.

Epixel updated the new security features delivering the right solutions to security threats. Highlights:
1. Implementing better security performance.
2. Preventing attacker-access to the website.
3. Secured platform with anti-CSRF layers.

“The all-new security update provides an extra layer of protection, restricting the unauthorized users to access the website. This updated security feature also allows the right user to log in to an account. The anti- CSRF layers and Secure and Granular user access control brings in better improvements in providing an extra layer of security. The attacker will not be able to get access to a website as cryptographic tokens given to the user validates his request to a particular website. To a great extent, the issues of password hacking or weak password exploitation can be prevented with this new feature.” says Vigneshkumar Nainar, Senior Linux Administrator, Epixel Solutions.

With 10+ years of experience in providing the customers around the world with customized business solutions, Epixel stands ahead in a unique way. The company always gives priority to the security features they deliver to their customers. According to the changing scenarios, they have already updated their software with the essential features like two-factor authentication, PCI & OWASP compliance, DDoS attack security.

Epixel, a popular name in the MLM world always provides apt software solutions assuring all the essential features. Stamping the presence in multiple business opportunities, Epixel excels as a world-class brand giving the customers the unique experience.

Official website: https://www.epixelmlmsoftware.com/