9 Dating Coaches to Know in 2021

Dating in 2021 doesn’t have to be difficult! Check out this list of stellar dating coaches from Pagne PR. 
Ali Jackson
Whether it’s a profile review or a coaching session, Ali’s clients gain insight to date with confidence. “What I never imagined was how much the women I coach would inspire me in my own life! I genuinely look forward to each client session and what I’ll learn that I can then pass on.”
April Beyer
April has an impressive 89% success rate in matchmaking. “I help successful singles bridge their career success with their personal success. The most intelligent people have the hardest time finding love because they have a success gene that keeps them in negative relationships.” 
Asia Dawn 
Asia knows the secret to great love is first loving yourself. “I get so excited when I see my clients fall madly in love with themselves and stop worrying about the dating scene! I believe it’s important to cultivate a deep relationship with yourself first before calling in a romantic partner.”
Brooke Wiley
Brooke is all about rebooting your mindset, resetting your attitude, and refreshing your outlook. “Not only am I walking in my purpose, but I’m also giving women advice and solutions to their dating dilemmas and communication confusion. That part alone makes my heart smile!”
Elsa Moreck
Elsa is a high-end dating coach, speaker, and author who helps high performers captivate the people they want to date. “The School of Modern Dating is the only program that combines high-achieving men and women in a setting where they can learn about each other from each other. And we are currently enrolling.”
Eunice works with successful strong women all over the world. “Dating during the pandemic has added complexity and challenges to an already nuanced field. I look forward to empowering women to make relationship choices that are aligned with who they are and what they need.”
Gabrielle Valdes
Gabby helps singles finally find their person. “I want all hopeless romantics to realize they have what it takes to create an incredible relationship, even if it feels impossible. You have the strength to do difficult things, but you have to be willing to get past your fears and doubts.”
Katie Grimes
Katie has developed a three-step process to change the results of the dating game. “My clients gain confidence and learn to love themselves as they work towards becoming, then finding, a healthy partner. I want to help people become the CEO of their emotions and learn to love the skin they’re in.”
Kimberly Seltzer
Kimmy helps high-achieving singles attract the love they deserve. “Singles thought the pandemic meant shutting down their dating lives. But this has been an impactful time because it’s caused people to slow down and focus on what they want. I look forward to helping people with their dating life by using virtual tools.”
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Source: Pagne PR