8 Women Shaking It Up in Health and Wellness in 2021

These women are shaking up the health & wellness norms and empowering their clients. Check out these health experts to know from Pagne PR. 
Dr. Laurence Agénor, PT, DPT, CSCS
Dr. Agénor helps individuals recover from injuries using techniques built around dance medicine, pilates, and performance training at Cynergy Physical Therapy. “Movement is for everybody and every BODY. I hope to increase visibility of clinicians and movement experts of color while fostering an inclusive environment for all of my clients.”
Lisa Bodenburg
Lisa is a U.S. Marine, Elite Athlete, BodyBuilding Champion, USA Boxer and Motivational Fitness and Nutrition Coach. “I love being able to tangibly provide others their dreams. I’m lucky enough to see a person’s future abilities and body when I meet them and give them a roadmap to actually attaining it.” 
Jess Carr
Jess is the co-founder of Lift Training. Whether her clients lose weight, get stronger, eliminate pain or simply feel better, she gets them there. “I want to show a path to long-term health and fitness so people can stop struggling and feeling like they’re failing and start feeling amazing in their bodies for the rest of their lives.”
Jeanette Carbajal
Jeanette specializes in helping diagnosed clients manage their disease and emotions. “My favorite part is when someone newly diagnosed walks into a session with a specific mindset and fate in mind. Then, after our Resilient Mindset Strategy Session, they realize what is in their control and feel like they can breathe easy again.”
Julie Adamo Cass
Julie helps people create a healthy mind shift and uses a “wholistic” approach at work and at home. “My vision is to help women regain control of their health, relationships, and prosper in their careers. Choosing The Positive Change Group will create a ripple effect as we pay it forward, supporting women’s empowerment in lesser-developed countries.”
Allie Landry, MPPD, RD, LDN
“Stop dieting, start living” neatly summarizes Allie’s philosophy. She focuses on helping her clients reach their healthiest version of themselves. “Ditching diets and improving your body image is empowering. My clients are able to stop comparing themselves and start to accept themselves as they are.”
Dr. Quozette Valera
Dr. Q takes on one of the hardest challenges for healthcare providers: pelvic health. “Pelvic floor dysfunction affects some of the most intimate functions of daily life. Helping people reclaim agency over their body and improve their quality of life is the absolute best part of my job as a pelvic floor physical therapist.”
Trish Ware
Trish is a Labor RN who is on YOUR side. “When a woman understands her power and capabilities, she can advocate for her birth with confidence. I would love to see hospital policies changing to reflect the natural birth process. This includes hospitals becoming more inclusive and supportive of VBAC birth. Women should feel safe and respected during birth.”
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