6AM City: The Fastest Growing Newsletter-First Local Media Company in the United States Expands Operations to Richmond, Virginia.

6AM City, the fastest-growing newsletter-first local media company, is doubling the size of the business in 2021 and continues its expansion with the launch of RICtoday (Richmond, VA) in May, to join eight existing southeastern markets and over 400,000 subscribers. 
6AM has positioned itself as a catalyst driving economic impact and helping cities to attract and retain the very best talent by educating and activating current and prospective residents. 
As more professionals and retirees are evaluating their options for which cities they will call home, cities are now in a race to stand out as attractive locations. 6AM is a marketing machine for the cities it serves. 
Richmond, VA, was identified as the next expansion market for 6AM when the Company’s diligence revealed an immense level of “Pride in Place™” in the region. – Ryan Johnston, CEO, 6AM City
As Richmond’s rich history intersects with the modern growing community, the timing for our business to plant roots in the community is perfect. Key factors influencing our decision included Richmond’s active entrepreneurial ecosystem, minor league sports teams, vibrant food scene, dynamic culture, and the plethora of recreational and entertainment opportunities. We’re confident that our new staff in the market will exude curiosity that maximizes the live, work and play environment in which they will be immersed.
In addition to launching RICtoday, 6AM has been evaluating over a dozen cities for a 2021 launch, many of which are in the southeastern quadrant of the United States. In an effort to help prioritize expansion, 6AM has launched a PickMyCity™ initiative, driven by interest from local economic developers, investors, advertisers, editorial talent, and publishers with established audiences. 
6AM’s continued growth is fueled by a recently closed Series Seed funding round led by Harbright Ventures and VentureSouth, positioning the company for national expansion and profitability in 2021. 6AM is homegrown in the southeast, with its headquarters in Greenville, SC, and has raised almost $4M to date with 95% of funding coming from angel investors in the markets it serves. 
For all media inquiries, please contact: Ryan Heafy | hello@6AMcity.com | 864-735-8590
About 6AM City Inc.: 6AM City is redefining the future of local media as the fastest-growing newsletter-first local media company in the country, delivering the most relevant need-to-know local news and events via a daily email at 6 a.m. The newsletters are a five minute read, conversational in tone and politically unbiased. 6AM isn’t in the business of manufacturing content to replace the local newspaper, rather you can think of 6AM as a distribution center for all local content. Like a distribution center, 6AM specializes in packaging, distribution, performance, convenience, and profitability. For more information, visit their website at 6AMcity.com, watch this video, or follow their social media channels LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Source: 6AM City Inc