6 Internet Marketing Myths


startonlinefast.com Let’s start this article on Internet Marketing Myths. Every day thousands of people go online to make money but most of them fail miserably because they either truly believe one of the 6 Internet Marketing Myths or or all of them You can read them below and discover the grain of salt in all of them Myth #1: Internet Marketing is EASY This is probably the biggest myth of all, and let me tell you Internet marketing is hard, takes time, effort not mention money and anyone who suggests otherwise is trying to sell you a bunch of horse hockey Granted that it’s comparatively easier to brick and mortar in that there’s no inventory to carry, no shipping of goods no sales staff and virtually no overhead, but a lot of work is still involved Myth #2: ANYONE Can Make Money Online Folks, this is simply not true Unless someone gets off their lazy boy recliner and download/read everything they can about internet marketing, and put an action plan in motion, they will never make a dime on the internet DO NOTHING, MAKE NOTHING Myth #3: You Can “GET RICH QUICK” On the Net! This is the trap that a lot of newbie internet marketers falls into including myself when I first started, why? because scammers make it sounds so easy and let me tell you, chasing “get rich quick scheme” is a WASTE OF TIME!, money and energy It just won’t happen overnight, instead do some research and find out what people really want and need then give it to them especially a sense of reality Myth #4

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