555Production launches state-of-the-art educational movie for free

Free to view, 50 minutes long, Hollywood-class treatment. After 5 years of visualizing research findings from more than 300 scientific articles in an attractive, understandable, and transparent way, the Electro-Shock movie is going to be available to anyone.

“Cells react to EMF as harmful.” – Martin Blank, Ph.D. Leading Bioelectromagnetic Research Scientist, Columbia University, Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics

“I was shocked that the legislation protecting public health against harmful effects of electromagnetic fields is not entirely consistent with the current level of scientific knowledge, therefore I have decided to bring this topic from scholar papers to the public debate,” says Martin Matulík.

We are using electronic devices, such as smartphones, every day in an ever-increasing rate. Since 5G wireless network and innovative smart devices are slowly coming into our lives, Martin says, the health risks should be publicly known, so we can safely use emerging technologies for easing our daily activities.

About the author:
Martin Matulík is passionate audio-visual storyteller leveraging emerging technologies for making education truly entertaining. He dedicated his bio-medical engineering studies to the health effects of electromagnetic fields, science popularization and virtual cinematography.