5 Steps to Apply for an Online Loan With Poor Credit in 2021

iQuanti: If you have poor credit, you may be wondering if you can still get approved for a loan. Luckily, there are many lenders out there that approve borrowers with poor or fair credit. These lenders will consider factors in addition to your credit score when deciding whether to approve you, like your income, employment history, and current debts.
There are many loans that borrowers with poor credit can choose from, including installment loans, cash advances, and lines of credit. Whichever loan you decide on, here are five steps on how to get a loan with poor credit in 2021.
1. Check your credit score
Before applying for a poor-credit loan, you should check your credit report to see if there are any errors. There are several places online where you can do this for free. One is through your credit card provider. If you have a credit card, your credit score should be displayed on your monthly statement or through a link on the mobile app. You can also go to Experian.com to check your FICO score for free.
If you find any errors on your credit report, you can dispute them. Prepare a written document detailing the error and why the entry on your report is incorrect. You can then mail that document to the credit reporting agency that published the erroneous entry. Fixing it can boost your credit score, so it’s worth the effort.
2. Choose the right loan option
Decide what type of loan you’d like to get before you start your search process. You may be interested in cash advances or small-dollar loans that can help you cover expenses before your next paycheck. Installment loans are a good option for those seeking higher amounts and more time for repayment. And you may want to apply for a personal line of credit if you want easy access to money when you need it, up to a set credit limit. Compare loans to choose the right option for your needs.
3. Compare lenders
Do your research online to compare lenders. Look at interest rates, repayment terms, and origination fees, and check on the legitimacy of the lenders you’re considering. You can see if a lender is safe and legitimate by searching for their Better Business Bureau rating. You can also look at customer reviews to see if the lender has received a lot of negative feedback.
4. Prequalify with a soft inquiry
Many lenders offer prequalification that allows you to see what loan terms you’ll qualify for. To prequalify, lenders will do a soft inquiry on your credit or a cursory credit check to determine your credit eligibility. They will then give you the loan amount and repayment terms that you may get approved for. Prequalifying can save you time because you’ll be able to see whether you can qualify for the loan you need before filling out an application.
5. Fill out and submit your application
Once you’re comfortable with a lender, it’s time to move forward by filling out and submitting a formal loan application online. Before you begin, gather the documents and information you’ll need to complete the process. Lenders may ask for proof of identification, which could be a state ID or driver’s license, and copies of your most recent paystubs to prove your income.  
Once you’ve filled out your application, you can submit it and wait for approval. Many online lenders process applications quickly, so you may get approved instantly or very quickly. If approved, you may receive the funds in your bank account the same day you apply or by the next banking day.
The bottom line
Luckily, it’s easy to get an online loan with poor credit. Whether you want to get a cash advance, installment loan, line of credit or other loan, you have plenty of options. Follow the steps laid out here and you should be able to find a lender and a loan that can meet your needs.
Notice: Information provided in this article is for information purposes only. Consult your financial advisor about your financial circumstances.
Source: iQuanti, Inc.