5 Legit Ways To Make Money Online For Beginners Reviewed


Follow me on Facebook or Twitter facebook.com or twitter.com 1. Affiliate Networks – clickbank.com or cj.com you can promote products there for free. 2. Network marketing (home business realm) essentially you can find tons of that stuff on Google. Just paste in home business or make money online or something like that in Google search. 3.Create your own product – if your good at anything you can just create a product based around one of your many skillsets you have acquired in your life. This can be anything. Your only limited by your ability to use your imagination. 4.PLR – Private label right – you can buy the private label rights to any type of product you want and put your own name on it, or edit the product to however you want. Basically you become the creator and publisher of the product. You get to keep 100% of the profits too. 5. MRR – Master Resale Rights – you can put your name on it, but you can sell resale rights to the product and also set the price on the product to however much you want. You get to keep 100% of the profits 6. I promote hosting and domains services. hostgator pays affiliates about $2600 bucks a month for every 21 referrals you get. I use a 1 cent coupon in my marketing system to convert people into hostgator. Its very useful. If youd like to learn more just hit me up on my facebook page facebook.com

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