5-31 Conference Call – The Pay Plan – Getting Paid Infinity Downline


the-business-of-communication.blogspot.com To read more about WowWe go to my blog. Look over the videos. See how these tools will help build your business and sign up for the premium affiliate program to earn on infinte downlines. Work with me and I will help you build your downlines. We use the 10 + 10 plan. 10 personal affiliates and 100 in your downline in less than 90 days. Then we will work on 50 personal affiliates and 500 in your downline in less than 120 days. next we will work on 100 personal affiliates and 1000 in your downline in less than 180 days. I will work with step by step to teach you how to fill your matrix in less than 360 days. You have nothing to loose but everyhing to gain. If you ever wished to learn how to work from home and earn an incredibie income. For a bonus I will share with you a fund raising program that will help you earn money every month – residual income for fundraising and how you can give people $200.00 in reward dollars for every $10.00 that anyone puts toward their favorite charity.

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