4biddenknowledge Inc Releases Author Justin Carson’s New Book: Manifest Destiny Journal

Justin Carson, 21-year-old entrepreneur and son of Billy Carson, recently released a journal-styled book titled “Manifest Destiny Journal” available for sale on the 4biddenknowledge website and Amazon. The book aims to help people overcome negative subconscious programming and use the power of manifestation to positively impact their lives. Justin utilizes the 7 Hermetic principles as the foundation for his book.
Hermeticism is a branch of spiritual philosophy that is governed by these principles, dating back as far as the first century A.D., derived from ancient Greek and Egyptian teachings. The book focuses heavily on the principles of “Mentalism” – which states that the universe is akin to a mental projection, and the similarly related principle of “Correspondence” – which states that our thoughts become our reality. Readers are provided a place to journal their goals, dreams, and other things they want to attract into their lives. The book features a plethora of artwork, inspirational quotes, and positive affirmations.
Justin’s inspiration for writing this book is the desire to help people be the co-creators of their lives, the desire to open readers up to new knowledge, and his passion for creating a more positive world.
“Manifest Destiny Journal”  is available on 4biddenknowledge.com at the link below:
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