4biddenknowledge Inc. Holding Contest After Release of New Instagram Filter

4biddenknowledge Inc. recently released a new Instagram face filter titled “4bidden crown”. The filter is a digital replica of the same hat Founder and CEO of 4biddenknowledge Inc., Billy Carson, often wears. The hat is a ballcap-style hat with an ornate handcrafted metal crown displaying the “Eye of Horus,” an ancient Egyptian religious symbol signifying health, restoration, and protection. This release precedes a second filter “4bidden Thoth”, a filter inspired by the cover of Carson’s book, “The Compendium of the Emerald Tablets”.
As part of the rollout for the new filter, 4biddenknowledge Inc. is holding a contest on Instagram in which users post a reel tagging @4biddnknowledge, doing their best impersonation of Billy Carson while using the new filter. Contestant participants must be active subscribers of the 4biddenknowledgetv network. Three top videos will be selected from the submissions, with a final winner to be chosen by the public for a grand prize of $1000.00 USD. The contest winner will be picked on Dec. 10, 2021. More details will be announced on the 4biddenknowledge Instagram page. Both filters can (or will be) found by searching “4bidden Crown” or “4bidden Thoth” within the Instagram effects gallery.
4BiddenKnowledge Inc. owns 4biddenknowldge TV, a television streaming app that provides educational and informational content in the fields of ancient civilizations, esoteric wisdom, metaphysics, quantum physics, spirituality, and inspiration.
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