4 Safe and Legitimate Ways to Get Money Fast

iQuanti: When you need access to money to pay for an emergency, like an unexpected car repair or doctor’s visit, you may not be able to spare a few days to earn more cash. The good news is there are ways to access the funds you need, often within the same day. Here are four safe and legitimate ways to get cash when you need money fast.
Get a Fast Money Loan
Certain loan options like cash advances, installment loans, and title loans can quickly get you access to money. Some loans may even be able to deliver the money to your bank account the same day you apply. But before you apply for a loan with any lender, it’s essential to research lenders to find one that’s reputable and safe. Legitimate lenders tend to have websites with physical addresses, great reviews from prior customers, and a customer service team that won’t pressure you into taking out a loan if you’re not ready.
Lenders vary in their eligibility requirements, with some considering your credit score, income stability or ability to put up collateral, like your car’s title. It may be worth pre-qualifying with lenders online to see how much cash you can get before deciding on a fast cash loan. The pre-qualification process is quick and often only requires a soft credit check, which won’t negatively impact your score.
Borrow From Someone You Trust
Choosing to borrow from a family member or close friend may be a good option if you agree on payment terms and commit to paying the money back on time. Plus, asking a trusted friend or family member can be a safe, low-cost option. You can even offer to pay interest on the short-term loan.
To keep the peace, discuss loan details, including how much you’ll borrow and when you’ll have it repaid. It may make your lender feel better about the process if you agree to create a written contract. Then, be sure to pay it back on time and in full, and keep constant communication if you’re having any issues repaying what you borrowed.
Sell Household Items
Whether you’re quickly pulling together a garage sale or planning to sell items online, you can often get quick cash for your gently used household items. Consider getting rid of unused furniture, kitchen items, gently worn clothing and shoes, or sports equipment.
Be sure to clean items up and check their comparable value online first. Then, use sites like Facebook Marketplace to connect you with cash buyers in your area that are looking to pick up items.
Use a Cash Advance
If you already have access to a credit card, you may be able to use a credit card cash advance to get cash quickly. And it’s easy to withdraw money at a bank branch or ATM, the same as you would using a debit card.
The only caveat with a credit card cash advance is that the interest will begin to accrue immediately, not at the end of the billing cycle. Plus, your bank may issue a one-time fee for the service. So, it’s smart to add the cost of fees and interest to the loan amount to determine if using a cash advance is the right financial option for your needs.
The Bottom Line
Although you may need access to money fast, you still want to be sure the ways you choose to get it are safe and legitimate. If you need cash now, look at options like fast money loans, borrowing from a trusted family member or friend, selling household items or using a credit card cash advance. Choosing one of these options is a safe way to pay for what you need now.
Notice: Information provided in this article is for information purposes only. Consult your financial advisor about your financial circumstances.
Source: iQuanti, Inc.