4 ‘Egg’cellent Money Tips From the Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny is probably best known for being an adorable distributor of chocolate eggs that he lays, decorates, and then hides for children to find. You may also know the Easter Bunny as the mistaken reason you grew up thinking rabbits lay eggs, or rabbits in general might make you think of that horrifying image from the movie Donnie Darko.
But did you know the Easter Bunny is also a financial wellness expert? There are some nuggets of financial wisdom that can be gleaned from our furry, long-eared Easter mascot. For example, you should always be methodical with your planning, whether it’s looking for the best place to hide your eggs or searching for rates to find the best personal loans. Here are four sagacious money tips we can learn from the Easter Bunny:
Easter Bunny money tips
1. You should always take time to (s)hop around
The Easter Bunny doesn’t cut corners when hopping around to sneakily hide his eggs from greedy children, and you shouldn’t either when searching for the best personal loan rates. After all, securing a lower interest rate is one of the main benefits of taking out a personal loan. If your credit score is fair or poor, you may not be able to qualify for a good personal rate.
Improving your credit score can improve your chances of qualifying, so hop to it and work on boosting your credit. Paying bills on time and in full are two ways you increase your score.  
2. Comparison is the thief of joy
The Easter Bunny hides his eggs to spread joy and the Easter spirit, but this holiday happiness can quickly disappear with an evil thing called comparison. One child might be thrilled to find five eggs until they look at their neighbor’s basket and realize he found 15. Investing and growing wealth is completely different for everyone. Instead of worrying about how much more money your friend or coworker made this year, focus on yourself. Slow and steady often wins the money race, so stay in your lane and don’t worry about the investment noise around you.
3. Never put all of your investment eggs in one basket
The Easter Bunny would never hide all his eggs in one place, just as you shouldn’t put all your investments in the same company or financial product. Diversification is an important financial principle to keep in mind when deciding how to allocate your money. Putting all of your cash in Company X might seem like a good idea if their stock is peaking, but you run the risk of losing everything if they suddenly tank. Diversifying your assets into a mix of stocks, bonds, and cash can help you hedge risk while still participating in the market.
4. Hard work pays off
Our heroic hare doesn’t just sit around, waiting for the eggs to hide themselves. He spends the entire year thinking of the best locations to conceal his chocolate and works his tail off every April. The Easter Bunny also has the self-control to wait and hide the eggs, instead of consuming them in one fell swoop. Similarly, hard work and patience in investing can pay off big time. Instead of throwing all your hard-earned money towards a hot stock tip that you heard from Tom at the water cooler, you should do your due diligence to research different ideas.
The Easter Bunny might be a legendary figure, but he should also be recognized with the likes of Warren Buffet as a financial savant. We can only hope that the bunny will receive the respect he deserves in due time. In the meantime, copy a financial page from the insightful hare’s book and take your time, avoid comparison, diversify, and work hard. 
Source: Credello