3D Metrology Offers Efficient Manufacturing Processes as Business Look to Cut Costs

The feasibility of contact-free, precise measurement in 3 dimensions, aka 3D metrology, has revolutionized manufacturing designs and enabled “outside the box” solutions that did not exist a few years ago.
3D metrology is becoming a critical part of any quality control, optimization and cost-effective process, especially in a manufacturing setup. 
A continuously growing demand to maximize the performance and quality of manufactured components and parts with inspection solutions is a major factor driving the 3D metrology market, according to the BCC Research report, 3D Metrology: Global Markets.
The market is segmented into 3 categories: hardware, software and services. The hardware market supplies Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), portable handheld 3D scanners and laser trackers used for these measurements, while the software makes data capture more accurate.
A blend of software and hardware offers calibration, maintenance and quality assurance of the instruments used in end-use industries. 
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Source: BCC Research