31 Reminders for Working From Home With Children

I have typed an uncomplicated list to facilitate your ordeal with the truth of working from home with children. Your days may not become precisely like these, just possibly will likely add up to almost the same.

1. Begin your day of working from home by informing the children you will be busy. Allow sufficient time for last-minute needs and requests, like the necessary urge to take on “merely one” game of Trouble.

2. Educate your little ones of when it is okay to ask you something or stop you from working when you are engaged in a project. “No, having a glass of Kool-Aid is not urgent.” “Yes, it is okay to let me know if the cat fell into the toilet.”

3. Advise your hubby to let you know when it is alright to interrupt you while you are working in your home office. “No, Sweetie, I love you but the neck massage can wait until I am finished with the report. Once I am done with the work, then we can do this.”

4. Scoot the kitty away from the door and completely away from the work office area.

5. Tidy up the plates and cutlery near or on the desk and beside the laptop. Bring the utensils and so forth to the dining room and advise everybody that they should be having their meals there, and not in your home office.

6. Lift the puppy right out of the seat near your computer.

7. Take little Tommy by the hand and bring him to his father. Completely shut the door to your home office.

8. Block your ear to the noise of your toddler banging on the latch with his toy. Find his teddy scrunched beside the hard drive and offer it to the teary-eyed little angel.

9. Begin your work at home assignment.

10. Hear your little loved ones shouting back and forth right next to your office door. “Shhh,” you try to settle and hush them to be quiet. Attempt to not hear the explanations of each of their version of the reason for the argument. Prompt the children to your hubby for a quick resolution.

11. Close your eyes and breath in slowly and deeply. Now, begin your project once again.

12. Your hubby comes back again demanding when his dinner will be ready. With a great deal of control, let him know that it is his turn to whip up tonight’s dinner.

13. Attempt to resume what you were working on. Commence the assignment that you had begun before the distractions. If you can’t remember what it was, start a new project all together.

14. Little Tommy hurries in the office with sticky jam fingers held up high in the air. You notice that he is covered with it from head to toe. Older brother Johnny argues that Daddy wasn’t watching him. At this point, you are yelling at hubby to come and get the two rascals and give them a bath. You get the husband to promise to watch them more attentively.

15. Now that you feel that you are ready to start working again, you realize that jam is everywhere on your notebook. You try to rub it off, but it isn’t going anywhere.

16. The music starts off from the telephone not far away. You pick it up as your hubby is giving the kids a soaking in the tub. In the kindest way that you can, you explain to your friend that “No, you cannot baby-sit Laura Lee tomorrow. Explain to her that you are doing work at home.

17. Press the flash and take the next phone call that is beeping at your ear. Assure your mother that you do not want the fantastic job she heard about from her friend Letty Jo next door. Let her know that you are earning enough money while working from home. Tell her that you cannot be on the phone much longer as you need to finish the job that you were working on. Nicely listen for a few minutes longer all of the reasons why you should look for a different position that is outside your household.

18. Quickly race back to your home office before the children see that you are not in that room and believe that you are available for them and done with work.

19. Hurrying, try to get at least some of the tasks that you had on your list of things to do.

20. Little Tommy rushes back into your office, water dripping everywhere insisting on you helping him to get his clothes on. At this point, you are hugging him while trying to convince him to run to see Daddy. Use the hug and hold method as Tommy lashes out at you screaming that he hates you. You give in attempting to dress him as fast as you can. Now, Tommy is running back to Daddy fully clothed.

21. Try to get settled back into working.

22. Startled, you hop on a chair trying to wave a page in front of the smoke alarm so the loud screeching will shut off. The meal must be cooked. It certainly smells as though it is.

23. You hurry into the kitchen to grab something to eat with your hubby and the two boys. After all, you don’t want to disappoint them.

24. The computer crashes. Wait for it to reboot.

25. After you return to your home office, you notice that you didn’t save the report that you were typing. Overwhelmed, you hold your head and take a few more deep breaths, while you try to remember what in the world you were doing previously.

26. You discover that the plug for the computer to the web is not functioning. The handbook comes out with all of the phone numbers for tech support, but you cannot seem to get a real human to speak with you.

27. The boys storm into the office for cuddling and want a story-time break. You decide to walk away from the whole work at home assignment just for a while. With delight, you tell funny tales and laugh out loud. A smile seems to make everything better.

28. Clapping, you scare the kitty out of your work space area once again.

29. You discover that the kitten put his paw prints all over your laptop, wiping out more than half of the work you did.

30. Tommy has to go to the bathroom again, but only wants Mommy to assist. After the trickling, you tuck in little Tommy again in his bed with Johnny kicking at the bedside.

31. Tranquility again. Now the trick is to be able to get some of the working from home tasks completed before drifting away in dream land.

About the Author: Previously employed as a nurse and human resources manager. Now self-employed

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