3 Ways to Make Your Own Luck With Money This St. Patrick’s Day

Unfortunately, there’s no pot of gold at the end of a rainbow waiting for you to come claim it. Unless you’re a trust fund baby or lottery winner, you’re not going to make money through sheer dumb luck.  
You may go searching for four-leaf clovers and hang your Celtic cross or lucky horseshoe for those luck of the Irish traditions, but sometimes—like when it comes to money—you have to create your own good luck. Follow these three money tips, and you’ll be feeling as lucky as a leprechaun. 
Make a budget and stick to it
Unless you’re swimming in hundos like Scrooge McDuck, following a budget is worth your while. 
Whether you choose the 50/30/20 rule, the envelope system, or any of the other budgeting methods, you’ll want to list out all your expenses—including rent/mortgage, utility bills, food, debt, and anything else you pay for on a regular basis. And pro tip: you want to spend less than you make. So, if you’re not already doing that, see where you can cut costs by doing things like eating less takeout or settling for ads on Hulu (I know, ads are the worst). 
If you’re feeling overwhelmed with debt and creating a budget just made you feel worse, fear not. There are ways to help speed up your debt repayment process, like choosing a repayment method that works for you or getting a low-interest personal loan for debt consolidation. 
Build up your emergency savings
There may not be much good luck when it comes to money, but there sure can be bad luck. A broken-down car, flooded home, or unexpected injury could be costly. But if you set aside an emergency fund, you’ll be in a better position to pay for incidents without setting yourself back. 
Generally, experts recommend saving three- to six-months’ worth of living expenses in an emergency fund, but every little bit helps. 
Ideally, you’ll want to store your emergency fund in a high-yield savings or money market account to benefit from a higher annual percentage yield (APY). Making more dough just by putting your existing funds in a better account? It’s kind of like finding cash on the street. Make your own luck for bucks. 
Invest wisely
If you’re playing the stock market like it’s the high-roller Blackjack table in Vegas, you’re doing it wrong. Of course, there’s strategy involved in both, to an extent. But don’t rely on getting lucky with the next GameStop stonk.
Instead, use your noodle to make smart investments. We’re not saying not to invest in the stock market, but even if you do, you should take advantage of a company-sponsored 401(k) or another retirement plan to build wealth down the road. Many employers offer a company match with their 401(k), which is basically free money.  
Regardless of your investment method, make sure you have a diversified portfolio to optimize returns, i.e., get those gains. Again, #MakeYourOwnLuckForBucks. 
Source: Credello