3 Legitimate Work at Home Job Opportunities That You Can Use to Generate a Sustainable Income

Are There Really Any Legitimate Work At Home Job Opportunities?

You would be forgiven for dismissing an enticing “legitimate work at home job opportunity” as another elaborate scam, of which I’m sure there are many, but there are also some that offer a real way to generate a full or part time income.

Of course anyone looking to earn an income from home, or just make some extra cash in their spare time, could be taken in by the many over hyped money making opportunities that you see on the net.

The trick of course is to know how to differentiate the legitimate work at home job opportunity from the scams that not only take your money but waste an awful lot of your time chasing worthless leads.

How to Find Legitimate Work at Home Jobs?

Whilst finding a legitimate & profitable home job opportunity is not always easy, technology and particularly the internet has created many new work at home opportunities for anyone wanting to work from home.

However mentioning the internet & working from home in the same breath raises warning flags in many people’s minds, there are however some real ways you can generate a full time income on your own from home.

Here are just 3 things you could do from home to generate a part time or full time income.

3 Legitimate Work at Home Job Opportunities

1. Teaching & Tutoring

You may think you are not suitably qualified to teach anything but the reality is that if you are a fairly proficient in one or other subject or skill you could easily teach or tutor this from home – you will always get many students willing to pay to learn.

For instance, if you are an English speaker you could tutor & give English speaking classes from your home -you’ll find people, all over the world, who need to learn or improve their English, or any other language for that matter.

You could also tutor subjects like Mathematics, Geography, Computer Literacy etc.

2. Freelance Writing

Webmasters are always looking for people to write articles for them – you can register as a writer at Elance who continually need freelance writers for assignments.

3. Photography

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to be able to take decent photographs & sell them for money.

Webmasters, publishers and many other people are constantly in need of stock photographs for their websites, publications, brochures and are more than willing to pay good money for the right image.

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About the Author: The author, a university graduate, is continually exploring lucrative & innovative ways to start a viable internet business that will generate a sustainable income.

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