2021 Knee Health Guide Published by Leading Compression Garment Provider

CopperJoint.com knows a lot about your knees. Having developed and sold compression garments globally, to promote healing, as well as injury prevention and pain relief, the knowledge and research now extend beyond garments.
Freely accessible, the 2021 Knee Health Guide, found at CopperJoint.com, is a viable resource for those who not only wish to further educate themselves, from the notion of preventative measures but also those seeking knowledge surrounding healing and knee pain recovery as well.
The newly published 2021 Knee Health Guide is truly robust in nature, initially exploring the knee anatomy, as well as common injuries, such as ACL tears, meniscus tears, bursitis and even kneecap fractures. Beyond this, however, readers can delve into preventative measures, from protecting joints and building supportive muscles, to flexibility training and foam rolling massage.
Rounding out the wealth of knowledge are deeper insights into knee compression sleeves, as well as recovery advice that will help to fortify an injury and promote healing. The guide explores medical treatments, physical therapy, and options to further stabilize and support the weakened or injured muscles.
Stefano Starkel, founder and CEO of CopperJoint.com had this to say: “Beyond innovative products that harness the power of copper and plethora of preventative and healing benefits of compression, I believe it is vastly impactful and prudent to educate consumers on the many ways they can care for their knees, their bodies as a whole, in an effort to prevent injury occurrence. Additionally, consumers need to better understand how they can aid their recovery process, should injury occur.”
You are invited to visit CopperJoint.com today where you will find over 200 blog articles, guides, recipes and informative content, as well as the industries leading copper compression products, ranging from knee compression sleeves to compression foot sleeves, copper compression socks and more.
CopperJoint.com supports you, your health, and our united desire to stay healthy, safe and to lead productive lives.   
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