New Book by Susan Pollet: Women in Crisis

This book consists of stories about women patients of an accomplished woman psychiatrist, whose experiences exemplify challenges faced by many women, to varying degrees. I drew from my observations as a lawyer who worked on thousands of cases in Family Court for over twenty years, from my participation as a leader in women’s bar associations … Read more

Out now! C.B.Khan’s long-awaited debut novel “I am Sikunder!”

Through the eyes of young Sikunder, C.B. Khan reveals a cinematic vision of cultural, racial and religious conflict colliding in this story of love and hatred – a lesson for the children of today. Find out more by visiting Amazon to order your copy of “I am Sikunder!” today! Available for Kindle app and paperback … Read more

Paige Schaffer, CEO, Identity & Cyber Protection Services, Generali Global Assistance to moderate The Knowledge Group’s Synthetic Identity Fraud Detection and Prevention

This event is scheduled for Thursday, September 17, 2020 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm ET. For further details, please visit: About Paige Schaffer Paige Schaffer is CEO of Global Identity and Cyber Protection services for Generali Global Assistance (GGA). She has been with the company since 2007. She currently sits on two boards … Read more

Euro Heart Conference 2020

Conference Series LLC ltd is pleased to invite you to attend the “7th Global Summit on Heart Care and Diseases” This event will be a gathering of hundreds of research minded people from the fields of Cardiology and its related fields who belong from both Academics and Industries including young researchers/students etc. to share a … Read more

IndiaItChannels started B2C catalogue creation page for IT Partners

IndiaItChannels proudly announces the launch of its B2C catalogue creation on the portal for the registered partners as per the commitment made for the 1st of August 2020. Login-id and Passwords have already been sent to all the registered 4000+ partners via email. Creation of a B2C catalogue page is very simple on IndiaItChannels, but … Read more

Beenext bets on fintech startup YAP in a $4.5 mn Series A round

Chennai headquartered M2p Solutions, which owns fintech platform YAP, has raised $4.5 million in a Series A round led by Singapore-based venture capital firm Beenext. Venture capital firms 8i Ventures and Better Capital, The DMI Group via its alternative investment fund (AIF) vehicle The Sparkle Fund, and angel investors including Indifi Technologies founder Alok Mittal, … Read more

Cyril and Dorsie Publishing Publishes First Children’s Picture Book Co-authored by Family Trio

Everyone’s Home by Tatiana Handfield, Keshia Handfield and Altrisha Robinson Everyone’s Home is a simple and exciting children’s picture book with a storyline that is enjoyable for the entire family! This picture book follows the adventures of six (6) year old Meka and her family has they spend quality time together during twenty-one (21) days. … Read more

ALSEGO launches a new financial middleware solution

Banks exchange a significant number of financial messages every day, sharing files in various formats. Each file contains several messages, each of which corresponds to an interbank financial transaction. For example, a customer of one bank may transfer funds to an account belonging to a customer of another financial institution. Analyze messages regardless of their … Read more

The New Product – SA8000 and ISO 26000 Documentation and Training Kit is Launched by Global Manager Group

For increasing transparency and quality of government policy development and implementation processes, Social Accountability is important. & Here Global Manager Group – A leading global consultancy and training firm, comes with its new product launch D174 – SA8000 and ISO 26000 Documentation and Training Kit to guide organizations for SA 8000 certification & to implement … Read more

The Mar-Kee Group Debuts New Automotive “Remote Selling” Training

In response to the effects of COVID-19, The Mar-Kee Group announced the release of a brand new automotive “remote selling” training module — Virtual Sales Pro. A leading provider of brief, online sales training for retail dealers worldwide, The Mar-Kee Group expands eAutotraining with over 25 new video segments. “This is the perfect sales solution … Read more