2020 AI Global Awards Recognize Standout Global Leaders in Responsible and Ethical AI

AI Global, a non-profit dedicated to promoting responsible and ethical adoption of Artificial Intelligence today announced the recipients of its 2020 Responsible AI Awards.
The Responsible AI Awards program acknowledges global technology innovators, leaders and visionaries who are pioneering and adopting responsible and ethical application of AI that supports AI Global’s vision and mission. Awards were based on a variety of considerations, including innovation, design, and overall technological advancement aimed at bringing transparency, fairness and robustness to the hidden decision processing layers within algorithmic decisioning systems. 
The 2020 Responsible AI Award winners include: 
Corporate Leader Award:Anthem, Inc. for their real-life contributions towards the development of tangible AI Governance tools such as Responsible AI Trust Index and Certification Mark.
Start-up Leader Award:AltaML for their Responsible AI Design work in financial, health, and social services that balanced innovation with building responsible AI systems.
Community Leader Award: Mark Caine at the World Economic Forum for his leadership to support the development of the Responsible AI Certification Working Group. 
Academic Leader Award: AI4Society, at the University of Alberta for their work on the redevelopment of the Responsible AI Design Assistant.
Youth Leader Award:Martha Czernuszenko for her work leading the development of the “Where in the World is AI” map and other crucial tools for AI Global.
“We extend our congratulations to this year’s winners and thank them for their leadership in putting digital trust and ethics at the center of their approach,” said Ashley Casovan, Executive Director of AI Global. “2020 brought heightened awareness of the immense societal and business harm AI systems can pose without any oversight in place, this trend is only going to increase as AI becomes a more significant part of all of our lives.”
“At AI Global, we are providing a vision, framework, and tools to help businesses and governments ensure that AI is applied with a human and ethical focus and are proud of our pioneering work on the development of an independent Responsible AI certification in collaboration with World Economic Forum and Schwartz Reisman Institute,” she added.
About AI GlobalAI Global is a community-driven nonprofit focused on building and distributing tangible governance tools that accelerate the design, development and use of Responsible AI.
Currently entering its fifth year of operations, AI Global brings extensive experience in regulatory policies, data governance, and the development of trustworthy AI systems for industry and governments.
AI Global tools have been among the first to demonstrate how to turn responsible AI principles into action and expand opportunities with AI while minimizing harm in local and global communities. We are currently working on an independent Responsible AI Certification Mark.
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Media Contact:Carla Edwardscarla@ai-global.com
Source: AI Global