Waterloo Cars UK Launches Their New Cheap Airport Taxis from London Airports to Any Location

As the world of commerce gravitates towards a more digital form of doing business, taxi companies have not been left behind in the pursuit of technological excellence. Waterloo Cars UK have also engaged the use of technology to provide commuters with a fully integrated service through their online platform, www.waterloocars.co.uk Before now, customers had to … Read more

Youth for Human Rights Announces Summer Art Contest

Tennessee Youth for Human Rights is raising awareness this summer about equality through the arts, according to NashvilleHumanRights.org. “We want kids to understand what it means to treat one another with respect and dignity, and what better way to learn this than through their own artistic creations,” reads the website. So the group has launched … Read more

Asterisk Service Introduces CRM Integrated IVR Solution

Asterisk Service, a division of Ecosmob, global VoIP tech leaders, announced availability of CRM integrated IVR solution and services to integrate CRM into existing IVR solutions. Speaking on the occasion, the company’s VP said, “CRM-IVR integration is a natural progression on the path of delivery of superior customer experience while enhancing an organization’s performance.” Expanding … Read more

SNIA Storage Developer Conference India 2019: A Panacea Moment for Storage Architects

SNIA Storage Developer Conference (SDC) 2019, once again proved to be the ‘Eldorado’ for storage knowledge seekers. The pleasure of listening to the sharpest brains speaking prominently on various storage domains was prodigious. The genesis of SNIA SDC India in 2016 was subject to a great curiosity, excitement; techies awaited with bated breath. Nothing changed … Read more

eRevMax publishes market study on ‘The State of Hotel Online Distribution in Middle East’

Leading hotel technology expert eRevMax has today published a market report on The State of Hotel Online Distribution in Middle East. The findings cover a wide cross-section of topics including technology adoption, distribution mix, channel production, online updates, among others. With more than 108 respondents from 5 countries, namely, UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Oman and Saudi … Read more