IC-TAG Solutions, Inc.: Launches RFID Jewelry Tags with NFC

IC-TAG Solutions, Inc. A national manufacturer of RFID tags Launches Jewelry Tags with NFC to help jewelry store owners find a better way to track their inventory and collect data about it. RFID technology offers unique possibilities to the challenges facing the jewelry industry. Being capable of handling simultaneous multi-scan capabilities means jewelers will not … Read more

Assured Assisted Living Releases Helpful Guide Called “Could It Be Alzheimer’s?”

Sheryl feels that this guide would assist people suffering from various types of dementia disorders, especially those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease in the United States and also their family members, along with caregivers. She points out that nearly four million Americans are patients with this terrible disease. She further states that one person in ten … Read more

West Coast Flooring Center Announces Re-Design of company website

San Marcos, CA – West Coast Flooring Center, the leading flooring company in San Diego( http://www.westcoastflooring.com/ ), recently tasked its web design team with improving the user interface design of its home page and blog to increase accessibility to the company’s content database. By initiating this new design move, West Coast Flooring looks forward to … Read more

Colorado Assisted Living Announces new Free Consumer Guide, “What is Assisted Living in Colorado?”

Eunice Kinrade, registered nurse, owner, and administrator of Colorado Assisted Living Homes, LLC, announces the release of a new free consumer guide, “What is Assisted Living in Colorado?” The guide by Eunice, who has been running assisted living homes Littleton and assisted living homes in other locations such as Centennial, Denver, Lakewood, Parker, and Sterling, … Read more

Toronto Production Company Releases Award-Winning Comedy Short Online

TORONTO, ON: Local production house, Awkward Silence Productions (ASP), has released its RIFF 2012 award-winning comedy short, Mandella, for online distribution in Canada. The short satirizes the party styling of illustrious activist Nelson Mandela, and shines light on the fact that even activists have lives beyond the public eye. “The idea came from imagining the … Read more

Mispro Biotech Services Announces Partnership with The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences

On the eve of the CED Life Science Conference 2013 (Feb. 27-28), Mispro Biotech Services, a leading provider of multi-user vivarium space and remote husbandry services, and The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences, a nonprofit research organization focused on translational safety sciences, have announced their partnership in Research Triangle Park, NC. As part of this … Read more

Dolomite launches high throughput system enabling to generate up to 30,000 monodispersed droplets per second

Built around Dolomite’s industry leading Mitos P-Pump and recently launched range of Multiflux® connectors and interfaces, the Parallel Droplet System allows users to create stable monodisperse water-in-oil or oil-in-water droplets benefiting a broad range of applications such as microparticle manufacturing for pharmaceutical drug encapsulation and emulsion manufacturing for food research and production. Featuring Dolomite’s innovative … Read more

Introducing The New Therafit By Dr. Lisa Sandal Collection

New York- Kick off your heels! Get ready for an energizing new sandal collection, combining acupressure points, comfort technology and hot trends in fashion! Therafit Shoe and Dr. Lisa Masterson, of the Emmy® Award- winning series, The Doctors, expand the successful footwear line with fashionable, comfort technology shoes for women. Here comes an exciting new … Read more