20 Year Old Entrepreneur Creates World’s First Electricity-free Clothing Steamer

Ari Hirsch, a 20-year-old entrepreneur from Los Angeles, California, found an unlikely solution to a big problem. While studying abroad, his frequent travels left him with wrinkled clothing from being packed into his small weekend bags. After returning to the United States and sharing his idea with his friends, family and a stranger sitting next to him on the plane ride home, Ari was on a mission to create a quick and easy way for travelers to remove wrinkles. It didn’t take long for Ari to invent the world’s first electricity-free clothing steamer, known as InstaSteam.

In just over a year, InstaSteam went from an idea to now being sold all over the world through Amazon and the company’s website, Instasteampod.com. It’s a truly electricity-free and eco-friendly disposable solution that is safe to bring on airplanes, cruise ships and for home use. In addition to traditional retail stores, Ari is working with cruise lines, hotels and airports to bring his incredibly popular idea to the people who need it most. We have no doubt that InstaSteam will soon be in most major retail stores, hotels, cruise lines, and airports.

“There wasn’t a certain point where I realized that InstaSteam would be amazing. I came in with a mindset knowing that InstaSteam is going to be amazing and will be helpful to people”, said the owner and CEO of Pristeam Products, Ari Hirsch, on the widely popular podcast Morning Inspiration Radio Show. “I went from InstaSteam being an idea just a little over a year ago to now working on selling it to multiple retailers and all over the world.”

InstaSteam provides a unique, simple and cost-effective way to remove wrinkles in clothing while traveling. With InstaSteam’s patent pending and eco-friendly electricity-free portable steam system, your problems are solved. InstaSteam is a game-changer for business travelers and those in search of an easy wrinkle removing solution, while on the go. The best part is how easy it is to use! All you have to do is hang your wrinkled clothing in the InstaSteam Garment Holder, fill a disposable InstaSteam Pod with water, place it in the holder, zip it up and you’re done! Within minutes, wrinkles will be removed from your garments, while making them odor-free and smelling good with the Scented InstaSteam Pods. There’s no ironing or standing around with a hand-held steamer. It’s simple, quick and effortless. It really is the perfect solution to looking fresh anywhere!

You can now find InstaSteam on www.instatseampod.com, Amazon, eBay and soon to be in multiple retailers, cruise ships and hotels. You can contact The InstaSteam Team on their website, instasteampod.com, (818) 821-0732, or email: instasteampod@gmail.com