1st Annual ‘Sell Your House Sale’ for Homeowners

Technology is nothing new when it comes to the real estate industry. However, a new technology company that was recently funded by a major tech giant is about to shake things up for consumers. Ask DOSS is a voice-activated digital real estate marketplace that’s on a mission to radically evolve the way people search, service, and transact real estate. Based out of Houston, Texas, their objective is to make homeownership in America more affordable when it comes to buying and selling a home.
Normally every year around this time, we all start thinking about family, food, friends, holidays, sales, and shopping. From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, just about every product or service is marked down 25% to 75%. But, what about the real estate industry? Does the 6% to 7% commission that Real Estate Agents charge ever go on sale? Co-Founders of Ask DOSS, Bobby Bryant(CEO) and Chris Norton (COO) asked themselves, “Why isn’t there an annual sale for real estate services? Has anybody ever done it before? If not, why?” They spent the last few years building DOSS and planning for the first-ever “Sell Your House Sale” to save homeowners thousands of dollars in commissions normally paid to Real Estate Agents. 
This year, from Nov. 1 – 30, sellers in Austin, Dallas, Houston, or Raleigh, North Carolina, can take advantage of the first-ever “Sell Your House Sale” to save thousands of dollars. Instead of paying 6% to 7% in commissions, by taking advantage of this listing special, sellers would only pay Ask DOSS a $500 flat fee if and when their home sells and up to 3% to the buyer’s agent. Traditionally, if a home sells for $400,000, the seller would pay $12,000 to the listing agent and $12,000 to the buyer’s agent totaling $24,000. With DOSS and given the same $400,000 example, the “Sell Your House Sale” would save a seller $11,500 in commissions for the same type of service they would receive from a traditional brokerage. The total paid in commissions would be $12,500 with DOSS instead of $24,000 with other brokerage firms.
The “Sell Your House Sale” isn’t a do-it-yourself offering by DOSS. Sellers will actually receive full service and support. A DOSS Agent will handle all paperwork, take calls, set up scheduling appointments to be automated, do an open house, help negotiate contracts, coordinate everything with the title company, etc. However, for the “Sell Your House Sale” listing special, participating sellers are required to provide professional pictures or cover the upfront cost($250) to have professional pictures taken. Please note, the cost for professional pictures is separate from the $500 paid at closing to the DOSS Agent. In addition, sellers must list their house on the MLS “For Sale” anytime between Nov. 1 and Jan. 31. 
Those interested can complete a seller consultation form on DOSS’s website, or contact them at sale@askdoss.com or 1-877-770-3677.
DOSS: Better. Faster. Smarter. 
Source: DOSS