12 Women to Know in Real Estate in 2021

These women have made their mark and sold dream homes. Check out this list of 12 successful Women to Know in Real Estate by Pagne PR. 
Sarah Allen
Sarah Allen is an authentic realtor that aims to take the stress out of buying and selling real estate. “Buying and selling a home is one of the most important decisions of someone’s life, and I love being there to provide a stress-free approach.”
Halley Bebout
Halley and the team at Abell to Sell service the Denver, Colorado, area. “Finding the sweet spot of negotiation, and aggressive offers, all the while making my clients feel in control, is quite a challenge. When we win, it feels that much better.”
Kerry Budd 
Kerry is a realtor that cares about the community. “I am determined to make the road to home ownership more attainable. The home buying process can be overwhelming. It’s satisfying to know that I helped put a smile on my client’s face.”
Noel Collier
Noel is a Texas native serving the Houston area and is giving back to her community. “In Q4 of each year, Noel Collier Group creates a list of 12 non-profits that we will serve every month of the upcoming year. We want to make a positive impact in our community.”
Chandra Etienne
Chandra and her team know the importance of relationships in the real estate industry. “Being able to assist people with such a huge purchase or sale, while further cementing a relationship of trust, makes this far more than just about deals and transactions.”
Sheena Gilreath
Sheena believes there’s nothing better than helping a client succeed. “I love seeing my clients be successful. In the next year, I would like to empower more agents with systems and tools to provide better service to the public.”
Kierra-Kaitlyn Moore
Kierra has used her experience to transition to an investor agent, helping millennials look at real estate differently. “I love watching buyers light up when they walk into their dream home. They have a place they can use for income later on or to pass down to their family.”
Amanda Lomanto
AgentGuild helps Amanda support realtors through a membership that covers all an agent could need to be successful. “The most significant impact I can make is helping members build a solid foundation for their real estate business, resulting in more prospects, clients, and closings for them.”
Jennica Lynn
Jennica is passionate about helping people, especially women, to invest in their future wealth. Jennica’s 2021 real estate goal is “Empowering women to feel educated in homeownership and that it is attainable on their own without the society pressure.” 
Michelle Nemirovsky
Michelle helps realtors build a unique brand behind their name. “As a real estate professional, you are basically the CEO of your own business and, in order to stand out, you really need to know how to market yourself and attract the right kind of clients.”
Amanda Webb
Amanda is an expert at helping real estate professionals build their online presence and up their marketing game. “I love helping agents think outside the box. It never gets old when I hear, ‘Wow, I never thought of doing it that way.'”
Dennetta Wright
Dennetta has found purpose in her journey to real estate. “From the first call a client makes, they know that I genuinely care about them. My mental health background has helped me appreciate the need to help clients make the most of life’s big moments. It’s a unique journey.”
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Source: Pagne PR