12 Women in Finance to Know in 2021

It’s time to take control of your finances. Check out these experts that are making money moves in 2021 by Pagne PR.
Heather Pulier
Outset is an innovative low-risk take on a joint savings account. “I welcome input from everyone to make sure we are building Outset Financial into an Insurtech company that delivers. I want to have our mission of financial literacy, intimacy, and security touch as many lives as possible.” 
Charlotte Darr
Charlotte is providing women with the resources they need to own their financial futures. “Women have been left out of the conversation for too long. I want to share quality financial education with millennial women so that they can stop feeling intimidated by their money.”
Alexandra Dawes
Virtual CFO Solutions strives to create a foundation in the accounting process with the most effective technology for startups. “It’s so important to leverage the technology we have. I want to help these businesses create a strong financial strategy that will lead to sustainable growth.”
Kate Grayson
After her battle with Lyme disease and the financial struggles that came with it, Kate created Beyond Money to share her knowledge, tactics, and candid counsel. “Call me crazy, but I don’t think financial guidance should be reserved for the rich. I’m here to make money easier for all.”
Arlene Karram
Arlene shifted careers to help clients grow their wealth through Real Estate. “Helping people finance their mortgages is an important aspect to building their personal wealth. It’s typically the single biggest asset most people own outside of a company.” 
Gina Knoxx
Gina creates custom strategies that help her clients expand their wealth! “Whether they’re paying down debt, increasing their savings, investing, or becoming more profitable in their businesses, I’m committed to helping them cross the 2 comma club mark!” 
Hayley Kowalewski
Hayley aims to make financial literacy accessible and simple. “Financial literacy doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people. Little changes in their money habits and a little accountability can earn and save them hundreds and thousands of dollars.”
Melissa Lowery
The Capital Woman aims to improve the experience, self-efficacy, and confidence of black women through financial education. “No matter how small, the actions we take to build our financial foundation are worth it and will support us in living passionately.”
Rachel Rivera
An Air Force veteran turned business owner, Rachel teaches women how to master their finances using her original method: The Money Mantra®️. She demonstrates how powerful budgeting can be on the road to wealth. With a platform rich in education and encouragement, Rachel is helping women build an extraordinary future. 
Amy Schultz
Amy’s mission is to help women feel confident in building the life they love. “Money does that for women: when we understand exactly what is going on with our finances and begin to feel validated using our money to follow our dreams, the world is a bigger, brighter place.”
Anastasia Soloveva 
Anastasia founded Athena Bank, an online money management education platform that aims to serve women in their 20s and 30s. “This is the age where people should start developing their long-term financial plans so they can achieve their future goals.”
Farrah Turcotte
Farrah is a podcast host and money expert that wants to support those who didn’t grow up with financial literacy. “I want to show women that money isn’t something to be afraid of. You can not only survive, you can THRIVE if you have the knowledge and tools to maximize every dollar you earn.”
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