1-800 Notify Adds More Flexibility for Patients and Improves Safety for Healthcare Professionals

Maintaining a medical practice that ensures a socially distant environment that’s safe for both employees and patients can be challenging without the right tools. 1-800 Notify provides HIPAA-compliant, automated phone payments (IVR), appointment reminders, billing reminders, and notifications that benefit practices through less cancellations and missed appointments that cost the healthcare industry over $100 billion dollars every year.
Statistics show that for practices that use an autopay by phone system, around 20% of payments come outside of typical office hours. Having a system in place that is flexible and gives patients the opportunity to make payments on their own time improves the overall patient experience and ensures that new opportunities aren’t missed for those that can only desire to pay by phone outside of office hours.
An automated inbound interactive voice response (IVR) system allows patients to safely and securely make credit card payments over the phone and even review their recent payment history. Automated outbound calls for phone payments, overdue balances, and appointment reminders mean a more manageable workload and reduced stress for staff.

“1-800 Notify helps practices maintain a socially distant environment that’s ideal for both patients and medical staff,” says Martin Trautschold, CEO of 1-800 Notify. “It’s important to minimize the amount of in-person contact, especially in a practice setting where the potential for transmission is so high.”
1-800 Notify streamlines the payment process and patient notification process with HIPAA and PCI compliant credit card processing that allows auxiliary staff the opportunity to work from home for a more socially distanced environment at a medical practice or hospital. Staff can easily manage tiered scheduled reminders via text, call, and email remotely, freeing up more time for patients that may need more hands-on assistance.
1-800 Notify is a secure solution for healthcare practices that want to avoid the clutter of different and disjointed telecommunication and patient payment systems. Learn more about 1-800 Notify’s HIPAA-compliant patient appointment reminders by visiting www.1800notify.com.
About 1-800 Notify
1-800 Notify is a healthcare communications firm that is fully HIPAA and PCI compliant, an Epic App Orchard Partner and integrates with many systems. 1-800 Notify improves patient appointment attendance, wellness and payments while improving efficiency for hospitals, systems, physician groups, and medical billing firms. Founded in 2011, 1-800 Notify has rapidly grown to support millions of inbound IVR autopay by phone calls, two-way appointment reminders, patient wellness and broadcast messages. 1-800 Notify is proud of its 98% client retention rate. We focus on learning each client’s unique needs, tailoring solutions to those needs and providing a highly reliable and scalable service — all at a price that is difficult for our competition to match. For more information, visit https://www.1800notify.com.
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