【World First】48 Sumo motif series arts of former Sumo wrestler Baruto Kaito now on sale via ‘hybrid NFT (R)’ fused ‘digital NFT (R)’ & ‘analog NFT (R)’ from cryptomall oü

“cryptomall oü” is a company that invented the “cryptomall authentication system (R)” (US/EPO World Patent : 2020-103179 and Japanese Patent :No.6894033) utilizing “NFT” blockchain technology.
It is also operating a marketplace “cryptomall” dedicated to “NFT” (non-fungible token) cryptocurrency payments, which boasts the largest number of products in the world with only “genuine” products.
1 About product 
(1)Product overview
The artworks sold on “hybrid NFT (R)” by “cryptomall oü” are 48 series of art created with the “Sumo motif” of former pro Sumo wrestler Baruto Kaito.
(2)Product highlight
“hybrid NFT (R)” is fused with “digital NFT (R)” and “analog NFT (R)” .
It’s possible to buy the following 2 items at the same time: one is a digital image as “digital NFT (R)”, another is a canvas art as “analog NFT (R)” set with a guarantee card.
About “analog NFT (R)”, it’s possible to be kept by “cryptomall oü” on behalf of the purchaser.
In addition, the purchaser of this art can hold the “hybrid NFT (R)” as the holder of World first these “Sumo” motif arts semi-permanently without counterfeit and tampering, and sell them in secondary distribution and tertiary distribution.
Therefore, it is possible to obtain unique works that cannot be forged.
(3)Product details
About “digital NFT (R)”
“analog NFT (R)”
*These products have a signature. (Please note the images may differ from the actual product)
2  Promotion 
(1)5 benefits for the purchasers
5 benefits will be offered for the purchaser.
For example,
【Benefit 1】
A special T-shirt including “cryptomall authentication chip (R)” will be offered.
(2)Limited to 3 artworks – Free “hybrid NFT (R)” giveaway 
 “Free” promotion to offer 3 artworks* within all 48 items for free is in progress.
The target is 3 winners selected by lottery from all applicants for this promotion.
*We will offer “1 item” per person for free.
How to apply this promotion
【Step 1】
Follow official Twitter of  “cryptomall oü”‘
【Step 2】
Click “Like” on any tweets related to this promotion.
【Step 3】
Click “RT” on any tweets related to this promotion.
【Step 4】
Reply to the tweet related to this promotion with a comment to show which art you want to get most in “48 series arts”.
Promotion period
14th September 2021 (Tue) 09:00 (UTC) ~ 17th October 2021 (Sun) 09:00 (UTC)
Comments from Baruto Kaito
“Currently, since I became a member of the Estonian Parliament, I’ve been working with the cooperation of many people.
I will do my best to be “a bridge for Japan and Estonia” by cooperating with related parties, and make more effort to be a president of Estonia.
I would be grateful if you give me continuous support and cheers.”
13th September 2021
cryptomall oü
Chief Strategy Officer
Baruto Kaito
Source: cryptomall oü