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www.PixelGigs-SmartSuite.com (15-Day Free Trial No CC Required) PixelGigs, LLC, a global pioneer in the creation and delivery of smart computing software, has announced the launch of its flagship product, SmartSuite. PixelGigs SmartSuite is a robust, all-in-one cloud computing software “suite” that streamlines numerous business functions for small to medium-sized businesses, as well as individuals. SmartSuite brings tasks like remote online storage, large file sharing, video conferencing, website creation, web hosting and much more under one umbrella, now available within one powerful easy-to-use environment. Until now, many end users and businesses were forced to subscribe to popular online services with other companies individually, overpaying for overlapping services and paying premium prices and extra fees based on usage and how many licenses they needed. “Many of SmartSuite’s services allow for unlimited users or attendees, such as PixelMeeting, less expensive than rivals WebEx or GoToMeeting. All of SmartSuite’s services often cost less than one single competitor service. “Ten products for the expense of less than one, that’s the power and value of SmartSuite!” Gone are the days of having to physically install software applications on your computer. “The cloud computing model allows the end user to remotely use even the most sophisticated tools, housed somewhere else entirely on remote servers. The largest companies in the world today use cloud “software as a

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